Level Eye Rhythm & Blues/Soul music from Holland - Biography

Level Eye is a Dutch group that defines their music with Rhythm & Blues/Soul, a mix that was born out of a passion for black music.
Performing a repertoire of their own songs and American covers, we find ourselves quickly taken over by Ivy’s spirited, raw and rocky voice, interpreting with heart & sweat.
The music of Level Eye is intensely alive and emotional. Ivy’s stage act and her way of expressing herself makes you think of Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker. The show is well thought out and both Ivy and Jan R. have a great ease on stage. In all their concerts they manage to reach the higher ground and transmit it to the public.

Based in Carboneras, Almería, Andalucía, they tour all over Spain as a two man band with a full ‘band’ sound

"It will be impossible to ignore the soulful magic of this tiny gusty lady!"

Ivy is accompanied by Jan R. on bass guitar and acoustic guitar.

Ivy and Jan R. met in 1982 while performing with the Amsterdam Rhythm & Blues band Ivy & The Terrace Tones. The Terrace Tones used to be the back-up band of Arthur Conley.
Ivy quickly gained a reputation in the Dutch popscene as being one of the few female singers "with balls".
Shortly after the release of a live album, freedom and adventure lured them both away from Holland.

After so many years and covering thousands of miles they felt the urge to write about their experiences. Being self-taught, they slowly built up a repertoire of their own songs, talking about waste, destruction, greed, love and loneliness....
Their tours extend to different parts of Western Europe, performing in Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland and Spain.
They also went to Africa, being invited to the Oagadougou Jazz and Blues Festival in  Burkina Faso and to the So What Club in Cotonou in Benin.

After living in France since 1996, they recently moved to Spain, and live in the National Parc of Cabo de Gata, Almeria, in Andalucia.

They have released two CD's, each one accompanied by different musicians. 
Level Eye 'Better get going', originals, recorded in France (Hacienda Productions 1999).
Level Eye 'Uncovered' , a cover CD, recorded in Holland (Letta Records 2008).

“It will be impossible to ignore the soulful magic of this gusty lady!”