Level Eye Rhythm & Blues/Soul music from Holland - Press English

INFORMACIÓN San Fernando   Sala Odeón   Keko Romero-Sanchez/San Fernando 2008

".. Her style full of feeling and passion brought excitement to the entire public of the isleña Sala 'Odeon' last weekend. To have artists of this caliber is a luxury for any ear. Perhaps one of its most striking aspects is the high contrast created by the presence of Ivy with her voice. Although a blonde she has the same tone of voice of black ladies like Tina Turner .. "

FARO DE VIGO / GALICIA 1995 Fernando Franco

"Level Eye: Dutch and travelers, rhythm & blues, road musicians 

Guitar, voice and a lot of miles. You could call it road music because they've been traveling for the last nine years. Level Eye, Ivy and Jan, are the children of Kerouac, a reindication of an itinerant life, and this experience shows in their music. They came to Spain six years ago and already know more about their field that most Spaniards do. Today you can shake with them at the Alma Pub.
She is electric, zigzag, nervous, with a perpetual smile. He is more distant and cool, except when he gets on stage.
In'86 they backpacked into the world as members of a gang who attacked a wide variety of music, and ended up in Spain. In this country the group was disbanded. And they moved on, set up 'Level Eye' six years ago and ever since, Spain has been their home, making music, going anywhere with their truck.
'Level Eye Sound' has its own style. Ballads, but also music that shakes or makes your flesh creep, because of the voice, the strength and energy of Ivy on stage.
They talk about life 'on the road', that forged their music, their songs. Themes that reflect travel experiences, feelings, discoveries, surprises, weariness, disappointment or joy. An expression of their way of life on the other side of the concave mirror of reality.
After a long and intense journey, their bodies are calling for a truce, to rest, to think of an album .. and will do so shortly".

El SOL DE ANTEQUERA / Lorena Sanchez

"Dutch rock has a name in Antequera 'Level Eye'

.. an incredible voice was heard again in Antequera from Level Eye, the purest rock from outside our country.
Ivy was responsible for putting a rush of energy onto the stage of the Manolo Bar; after her first performance  last November, she continued to surprise us in May, the public did not want to miss this great stage act. Together with her companion on acoustic guitar and bass guitar they form an indestructible duo showing us that the years don't matter to the music, let alone to rock".


Rock critical    “ORO NEGRO”     Juan Jesus Garcia Rock/ Granada

"... The technology plays its part, joining with the amazing voice of Ivy, Jan Felperlaan adds with acoustic guitar, and bassguitar above all, a full orchestration, obviously without the attack of a live band group, but the way he accompanies the songs is more than solid. Mostly their own songs, weaving luxury soul and rthythm & blues with-blue-eyes together, because in voice and gestures Ivy is purely black. With a rough voice, well toasted by erosion and use, it's a delight to hear her throat manoeuvre, in entertaining songs, as well as in especially reserved red light ballads, those being described  as 'open to grave'.
Between the feeling and pride of grandma Turner and the sandy strings of Kim Carnes, her performance is a lesson in how to use an instrument that comes from the cradle.
To listen to them helps the Secadero qualification as being a 'Cultural Association', it's precisely that: high music, high culture.
Level Eye shows that here in Europe there are exceptional voices for black music. Sometimes many are few and in their case two is a crowd.
Don't miss it, they are worth their weight in “black gold “.